Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my blog, deadlifts and diamantes!

My goal for this blog is to fill you in on my journey to my first bikini comp: the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion).

My blog’s about the wtf am I doing moments, cheat meals, doughnut cravings, learning to love the carbs and not have a complete #carbofreakout, dem feels when you can’t walk after leg days, the moment you fall in love…with a potato, the desperate moment when you look in the mirror and beg – “please don’t shrink boobs”, the elated moment when you look in the mirror and you’re all like – “oh hello quads I didn’t know I had”, learning to pose when you’re as graceful as a baby giraffe, that awkward moment when you’re hip thrusting at the gym and a song about sex comes on over the speakers and you accidentally make awkward eye contact with the guy next to you, when old ladies run after you in the street to compliment your legs and its the best moment ever, when you hit a pb and feel like Arnie, coach love, coach hate (just kidding), and all the big issues like why you should g-string at the beach and tan your glowing white butt before comp day…

Basically this blog is a bit of fun. You won’t find my training plans, eating plans (unless its a cheat meal), or a step by step guide to my prep. What you will find is a collection of little stories that will hopefully make you laugh and highlight the ups and downs of comp prep.

Enjoy my darlings



5 thoughts on “Hello lovelies!

  1. Its great you are doing this blog Clem! I’m sure you will look back after you’ve been on that WBFF stage and appreciate the journey and your achievement! It will certainly reaffirm that all this hard work your puting in now was absolutely worth it!!

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