Eating 101: There’s a time and a place for all those doughnuts and its not right before bed


So one week into my prep, it’s after dinner and my stomach’s having an argument with my brain as I scroll my insta feed:

“Oh look it’s a Doughnut Time post! Ohhh look how pretty it is! You want a Golden Gaytime Doughnut Time doughnut. Look at its soft innocent sugar dusting. Look at the way it’s cleverly hiding that gooey sweet yellow centre in the middle underneath its soft, warm outer. Just one bite…it will be sugary sweet gooey delicious heaven…”

Enter brain:

“Were those deadlifts worth it then? When you were struggling to lift that last set, was that little gooey ball of “happiness” there to help you?”

“But one bite won’t hurt! Well maybe just two…ahhh half? Just half a doughnut…or you could just eat the whole thing. Don’t track it, who will know? Carina won’t know. Just don’t tell her. Honestly you’re “bulking” anyway, and what could be more bulk friendly than this little ball of carbo loaded deliciousness!”

Ahhh brain can you interject? Any time now would be good because actually stomach’s right…look at that sugary swee….

“Shut-up stomach, girl’s on a mission and ain’t nobody got time (or macros left) for doughnuts tonight!”

Just in time and thank god for you rational brain because the struggle is real, but I say #sorryboutit to my stomach and escape the Doughnut Time temptation this time to appease my stomach with some delicious (AND macro friendly) Choboni yoghurt with berries.

Welcome to phase one of my 18-week prep aka “the bulking phase”.

So this week I’ve ate all the carbs in the world….pizza, pasta, doughnuts…you name it, this “bulking” is heaven!

Sighhhh…I’m dreaming…

This week’s been all about learning to adjust to my new macros (remember my carbofreak from my first post?) I’m using flexible dieting, but my aim is to eat as clean as possible to really nourish my body, but not to beat myself up if I have the urge for a Jarrah Honeycomb Hot Chocolate (deliciousness in a mug!) or a piece of dark chocolate or two as long as its trackable in myfitnesspal (best app ever!). On the majority though my diet is super clean, and I’m really focused on feeding my body the right foods to nourish me and help me train. My calories are higher than I’ve ever had in my life, my training days are carb heavy, my macros are worked out perfectly for MY needs… and we be growing dat peach.

This first week’s been a big learning curve because not only am I adjusting to all the food, but I’ve also learnt HOW to eat all the food.

“Hold up” I hear you say. “Ahhh Clem, what do you mean HOW to eat the food…haha ummm with a knife and fork? With a spoon?”

Nooooo, but the first week I was eating my macros well, all sorts of wrong. I’d be making sure to hit them as perfectly as possible, but I was eating them at random, and definitely not the most beneficial times, in the day. Simple carbs right before bed even though I trained in the morning? Sure why not?  No food at all before an intense morning leg sesh? Yeah, I’ve always trained without eating first. But ahhh…I don’t really have the energy to train? Is it because the workouts are harder??

Enter my saviour, my coach, my how to prep good for those who’ve never prepped good, walking book of knowledge, Carina, with a crash course in how to eat food properly when you are training:

(Read in a Canadian accent):

“First up lets eat BEFORE your workout. A bowl of oats with some protein powder – perfect. Now you have the energy to work hard and you’re not going to burn into your precious little muscles you’re here to build. Straight after? Step away from the oats, and have some sort of simple carb. Actually have two meals of simple carbs. Carbs around workouts…complex carbs beforehand and simple carbs right afterwards, get it?

Make sure you get proteins and fats in after your workout too. Have a protein shake and a piece of fruit (don’t forget your Glutamine and your Creatine!), and then have something like tuna or eggs with white basmati rice. Your body needs SIMPLE carbs and protein right now. Just step away from the oats… CLEM! I KNOW YOU LOVE THE OATS AND THAT’S GREAT BUT I SAID PUT THOSE POST WORKOUT OATS AWAY!

Right, now that we’ve got your food around your workouts back to where it belongs, lets talk other meals.

See what macros you have left and make sure you eat a few small meals over the rest of the day. DON’T eat simple carbs right before bed. Complex carbs for dinner yes, simple carbs no. That doughnut for example…was it going to help you gain anything but fat and a shit sleep overnight? And I would know you had it…you might not track it… but girl I promise you I’d know…

And try and incorporate some new foods in. Your diet’s really clean but try some papaya, manuka honey, choboni yoghurt, organic parmeson or butter. You’ve never tried a rice cake? Are you freakin serious. Girl go buy yourself some rice cakes right now!

Oh and make sure you have a cheat meal on the weekend and eat burger, chips, icecream, and chocolate too. Then stop. A cheat meal is that. A cheat meal. Not a cheat day.

Now go forth my comp prep virgin and EAT.”

Say what? Did you just say ice cream?? Wait I’m sure you said ice cream. Go back to the bit about the burgers and ice cream and stuff please…???

They say eating is cheating, and next weekend they will be right…



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